Classic and Modern Designs combined with Superlative Quality
Provide you with treasures that will be uplifting to wear and to give.

About Unique Pearls

Pearls have represented valuable treasure and classic beauty for thousands of years. Women of all ages and styles have always loved to adorn themselves in pearls. Unique Pearls offers designs for women, men and children of all ages. The designers at Unique are always creating new designs using classic styles and modern trends. Unique’s owner, designers and jewelry craftspeople carefully examine each pearl individually for the 5 s’

  • Shine
  • Surface
  • Shape
  • Shade
  • Size

Because of this, you can be assured that every pearl and every piece of jewelry from Unique is perfect in every way. Unique has exclusive contracts and long standing relationships with the best suppliers in Asia and other parts of the world to ensure consistent quality. Unique Pearls are a prize to wear and to give.

Look through our catalog. Visit one of our stores. See the beauty and treasure that can be yours.

About Freshwater Pearls

Fresh water cultured pearls are naturally occurring in freshwater pearl mussels that grow in clean, fresh water ponds and lakes. Most of the freshwater pearls in the world are from rural areas of China where the water temperature and clarity are conducive to mussel health. Each mussel produces anywhere from 1 to 10 pearls. To find pearls perfect enough for our luxury line there will be only one pearl from every 100 mussels. While most producers of freshwater pearls allow the mussels to grow the pearls from 1 to 2 years, our producer only harvests pearls after 3 to 8 years. This allows the mussel to grow pearls that will be harder, larger, with more sheen and more luxurious. Freshwater pearls come in various shades. We match the pearls according to shade and incorporate this into our designs. Freshwater pearls also come in various shapes. We incorporate these naturally occurring shapes into our designs as well.

Our Design Studio and Workshop

Unique designers are constantly working on new jewelry designs that highlight the incredible beauty of these pearls using gold, silver, precious gems, semi-precious stones and other natural materials. Every component of our jewelry is carefully chosen for perfection. We want you to be absolutely certain that when you purchase a product from Unique that it is perfect in every way and that when you wear it or give it as a gift that the quality is uniquely flawless.

Every piece of Unique jewelry is made by hand with great care. Every pearl and gem examined, every clasp tested, every component combined carefully to ensure strength and enduring beauty.

Certificate of Authenticity

Every piece of Unique Pearl jewelry in our Luxury Line comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This Certificate will provide you with confidence that your purchase or your gift is made from genuine freshwater pearls and is guaranteed to be of the highest quality possible.