Delicate Classic Royal Beauty

Pearl brooches are a favorite among the British Royal Family for a good reason. They represent timeless beauty and refinement. Unique Pearl brooches are created from, creative idea to finished brooch, with this in mind. Their classical designs signify that they will remain elegantly beautiful for many years to come.

Adding a Unique brooch to your dress, coat or suit adds that chic and regal touch. In a subtle way you are expressing your refinement and elegance without having to say anything. Our brooches are created with natural freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, 24 carat gold plate, silver and love. Every pearl is carefully chosen to be included in the brooch and to enhance its expressive beauty and yours. Unique Pearl brooches are created to last a lifetime and beyond.

Wearing a Unique brooch also helps you feel like a queen, princess or duchess. It lifts your spirit and helps you radiate that sense of royal confidence in everything you do.

Choose one or more Unique brooches to accessorize your outfits depending upon your mood and what you wish to express to others. Know that whichever brooches you choose you will be choosing symbols of your discernment, sophistication and class.