WOMEN'S Pearl Bracelets

Subtlety - Beauty – Refinement – Sensuality

From the women of ancient Persia to women of this modern world pearl bracelets have been a symbol of wealth, beauty, class and sensuality. Like Unique Pearl necklaces, Unique’s bracelets are expressions of refinement. But these bracelets are a bit more subtle. Sometimes seen, sometimes hidden but always radiating those feminine qualities that men and women love.

Often Unique Pearl bracelets are matched with pearl necklaces. Unique designers have created matching sets just for this purpose. Alone or with a matching Unique Pearl necklace, these bracelets are the perfect expression of a woman’s soul.

Created from perfectly matching Asian freshwater cultured pearls, gold, silver and 24K gold plated findings. These classically designed bracelets are made to last a lifetime and beyond. When you touch these wonderful pearls and feel their perfection you will know that you now have a treasure to be cherished around your wrist. A treasure that you are connected to and that expresses your inner beauty.

When you put on a Unique Pearl bracelet something special happens. These bracelets carry with them timeless feelings of refinement, beauty, sensuality and confidence. Their subtle beauty affects everyone who sees this bracelet including the lovely woman wearing it.

Whether alone or with a matching Unique Pearl necklace these pearl bracelets are a timeless gift for any woman.